Meal Prep Mondays
This is my dinners for the week
Grilled chicken
Asparagus (coated in olive oil and Mrs Dash and baked)
Sweet Potato (sliced, coated in olive oil and mrs dash and baked)
Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Other preps:
Hard boiled eggs (great for breakfast, snacks, pre and post workout snacks [I omit the yolks to minimize my fat intake])
Tuna salad (canned white tuna, mashed avocado, chopped hard boiled eggs, mrs dash) Also great to eat alone, on top of spinach as a salad, as a protein side to an additional salad.
Fresh fruit ready to go: strawberries, blackberries, blue berries, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi

Line yourself up for the week. I don’t have 300 Tupperware dishes in my fridge. A main lunch and main dinner is what I focus on prepping because its usually when I run short on time. All the other stuff is pretty easy to grab or prep real quick like salads (baby spinach, throw some berries and almonds on top and a bit of dressing and boom! No need to prep ahead of time)

Save yourself from being hungry, turning to junk/fast food. It takes just a bit of time. I turn up the radio or listen to a show on the TV while I knock this out in about 2 hours or less. Which saves me a lot of time during the week. And more so saves me from being tempted!

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